Tim Stoakes


I can be contacted via email at tim@stoakes.net.

My new GPG key can be found here. I have recently changed keys, see the transition statement here.


Linkedin profile


Find me on github.

I use the mutt mail client. My configurations and customisations can be found here. I now exclusively use notmuch with mutt, rather than my previous setup which included multiple IMAP servers, handling Outlook/Exchange calendar integration, and working with mail labels through IMAP.

I have developed notmuchfs, a virtual file system for presenting notmuch query results as virtual maildir folders. This is handy for integration with non-notmuch-aware tools such as mutt, although I now have contributed enough to mutt-kz to make it useful to me, and use it exclusively.

I use PyBugz, and have contributed patches.

I use the hexedit curses hex editor, and have contributed some patches. See here.

I used to use the excellent remind calendaring package. See here for additional information and customisations.

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